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E25 windows

Stephen Sails

Member I
Polished and painted my first of four windows. I ran them through the dishwasher after sanding out all of the pitting and corrosion, which was not much. I buffed out the flat part on the front, then painted the curved parts and the back.
I ran the rubber seal through a rinse cycle in the dishwasher to kill mold, and reinstalled them. It’s raining like hell today, so I’ll evaluate it tomorrow.


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Stephen Sails

Member I
I only polished the flat part on the face of the window. First with an orbital sander and 80, then 240, to get the old paint off.
I then used 240 sanding discs on a dremel to clean up any corrosion and pockmarks.
Then I put the frame through the dishwasher.
next I wet sanded by hand with 400, 600, and 1500 grit.
Finally, I taped off the flat part and spray painted the rest, front and back, silver to prevent further corrosion. I finished the polishing with a buffing wheel.