E26-2 : stuffing box drip


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I'm sure this has been asked and answered many times, so, apologies for asking again.

With the engine and boat at rest, I have a drip about every 10 seconds. At the beginning of the season it was about once every minute or less at rest.
I have not been able to check drip while underway and in gear.

Yesterday I tried to tighten the packing nut but couldn't budge it. I'll spray some PB Blaster today and see if that helps. Most of the advice I've received is to hold the lock nut and tighten the packing nut.
To me, that seems like it would be just fighting with the lock nut and that's why I can't budge it. Should I not loosen up the lock nut, tighten the packing nut and then tighten the lock nut?
The space in the E26 is extremely tight. I have a slip and lock adjustable wrench which is a perfect fit for the lock nut. I think I need to get the correct wrench for the packing nut instead of struggling with adjustable wrenches and channel lock pliers.

In another 4-5 weeks the boat comes out of the water. I'm tempted to wait till then to do anything and I can replace the stuffing as well with teflon stuffing.
Am I risking anything with the wait and do it on the hard later approach? Does the stuffing box drip increase so much in the course of a season?


Brad Johnson

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If the boat has set with out use for a while and your running it more frequently now it not at all unusual that it needs adjustment, Teflon packing is great but you have to get the correct size


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The boat has been used regularly - at least once a week. But I run the motor pretty much to get to and off the mooring.
Today I finally noticed the drip while motoring - around 1 drip per second.
The way the bilge pump (Seaflo 1100) sits in the bilge it never really get all the water out. But it does keep bilge water level below the floorboards.


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As you said, loosen the locking nut first and then make your adjustment. If it hasn't been adjusted in a long time things might be a bit difficult.