E27 ladder upgrade


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OK, so this is overkill. Like putting steel toes on a set of Sperry Topsiders. I got tired of the starboard side ladder clip coming lose. The side of the companion ladder was cracked on the starboard side and I have tried over the years to either fill or stick wood into the screw hole to make it whole. Nothing I did worked in a permanent way.

So, I found some stainless steel 3/16 8” round plates on Amazon and decided to fix the ladder. We cut and Ground the disks to the appropriate shape, epoxied them in place, and then though bolted the clips. Now I have an art deco ladder with a really solid top end!

While I was at it I also added a wood board at the bottom of the ladder to better distribute the weight on the cabin sole. On our E27 the bilge opening is right where the ladder sits and I was afraid that with two of us being well over 200# that it was a good idea to beef this up. I did have to cut ¾” off the bottom of the ladder to have the same angle into the saloon.

Now only 20 other projects to do!



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Looks good. Mine had been modifed/repaired so many times at the top that a steel cap might just be the ticket, next time around.


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I filled my screw hole with wooden match sticks, and titebond glue, then screwed it together while wet. So far so good, but if it fails again I will probably through bolt it as well.


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i just fixed my ladder this past weekend and i use take-a-part hinges to hold the ladder in place so far so good on to the nxt problem... lol


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I like both ideas. Of course being president of the Lob-ster society dictates I try the simpler of the two solutions- the T nuts.