E30+ Cracked Support Stucture for Motor mounts and rudder cracks


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We were looking at a 1980 E30+ that is for sale on the great lakes and noted that the composite support frame for the deisel motor mounts is cracked .

The forward side to side support frame is cracked open along its forward edge over its entire length. The port side forward /aft support seems to be cracked and epoxied on its top. See pictures

Is this at all usual?
Can any one speculate on the cause?
Are the suport frames backed by wood or other strong material?
How difficult and costly is the repair likely to be?
Any other answers to the questions I didn't ask.

The rudder also shows signs of crack repair and repair opening. See Pictures.
I have found some useful info on this in other threads.

Is this at all usual?
Can any one speculate on the cause?
How difficult and costly is the repair likely to be?
Any other answers to the questions I didn't ask.

Any advise would be greatly appeciated from this great forum.


Ken Geiger


  • Motor frame  Forward.JPG
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I wonder if the engine stringer damage might indicate backing over a dockline secured to a cleat on deck. This can exert a huge force trying to pull the motor out the back of the boat, especially if there isn't a "drivesaver" type of flexible coupling between the transmission flange and the shaft flange.


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Hope you can get it for a good price, because you will have to remove the engine to properly repair this. It looks like there was quite a shock load put on the engine. Check out the prop and everything forward including the skeg. If you are really considering this boat be prepared for some work. It looks to have the old gate valves on the through hulls. Change them while you have the engine out. Have her surveyed!! Good luck Harold.


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Guys, Thanks for the input. Do you Know what is behind the composite engine stringer. Intuition tells me it should be wood (Not Balsa) or the like to bolt or lag screw into. Or is there a molded in plate of metal or moulded in nuts. A clue would be provided by knowing what the fastener is that holds down the motor mount. Lag screw or bolt //




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They are lag bolts that run into pine(?) stringers under the FRP. I concur with Harold that you would have to pull the engine & rebuild/reglass the motor mounts as well as repair/replace the rudder. The cracks you mention need to be repaired if the core material in the rudder is dry & sound, otherwise contact Foss Foam for a quote on a new rudder. These are projects that you can do IF your familiar with fiberglass & woodwork. More labor intensive than technically difficult but not really good first time projects, either.
I definitely would have a reputable marine surveyor look this vessel over carefully as the damage to the motor bed is significant enough to suspect that there is other damage to the hull (strut, bulkheads, etc.). The price would have to reflect the neccessary work to repair.
Again, just my $.02 worth. But after doing some fairly major restoration work on 3 different Ericson's I do have a fair amount of experience doing this type of work.
Have fun & sail fast
Bud E34 "Escapade":cheers: