[E32-3] Where do you put your winch handle holders?

Geoff W.

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I was gifted two winch handle holders by kind friends and am sorting out the best place to put them in the cockpit. Current front runner is on both sides of the cockpit, one right underneath the bilge pump handle on the starboard side of the boat and the other mirroring it on the port side, just aft of the port cockpit bench.

The cabin-top winches will go without winch handle holders for now.

Tom Metzger

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I put mine on either side of the pedestal to keep them out of the way of feet and shins. Easy to reach from the primaries. I keep another inside the companion way hatch for the coach top winches.

1-27-14 Ice & snow 009.jpg

This was taken 5 years ago and as I remember we didn't sail that day.

Kenneth K

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I put one starboard-and-aft (just above the manual bilge pump housing) and one port-and-forward (inside the companionway entrance). The interior one is placed so that the companionway cover can still be closed with a "short" winch handle in the pocket (as in the photo), and the grabrail can still be used below the pocket.

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Kevin A Wright

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Mine is on the forward side of the lower steering pedestal out of the way of everything. And there is a spare fancy 'floating' winch handle down below in the locker in case the crew gets a little too exuberant. Have only lost one winch handle over the side in 30 years, but once was enough to make me get a backup.

Kevin Wright
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Rick R.

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One on the forward part of the cockpit well, the other is hanging on the rail port side in a bag.

Christian Williams

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And what do you put them in?

My typical $20 soft PVC holders are 18 mos old and already look 100 years old. Mold reappears two weeks after cleaning.

What's better?

Loren Beach

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Paint them?
Tom has a point. I had never thought of painting vinyl parts like this until a friend pointed out he had painted his old deck vents. Year after year they still look like new with their coats of white LPU paint. He's a pro, but when I modified my stern vents I painted them with rattle-can paint that was labeled a while vinyl product.

That was years ago and they are now about due for another coat. I just sanded with fine grit after cleaning with acetone, and then shot thin layers of paint.

This might work just as well for vinyl witch handle holders. Perhaps. Maybe.

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I keep one winch handle in a holder attached low down on a steering pedestal leg for cockpit work and another low down on the mast for the mast winches. (But I use a spare halyard to hoist my boat onto the focsle or to lift somebody out of the water if required)
I have painted the rubber gunwale insert that was dusting off badly with household latex paint 2 years ago and it worked well. Did the same prep work as Lorne. Will have to redo it again this spring.