e35-2 gun'l damage


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Tangled with a piling and now have about 6 inches of missing gun'l - the plastic that covers the joint between the deck and hull - that is, between the rub rail and the hull/deck.

Doesn't seem to be any further damage to the hull or deck.

Anyone know how to approach a repair of this?




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photos please

I was able to order a 10' section of rubrail for my powerboat. There was some damage to the underlying fiberglass, so I had to do some repairs on the interior side then drill new holes to install the new section. If it hit hard enough to cause damage, it probably flexed the fiberglass also. Without pictures, it's hard to tell.


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I damaged mine as well. There are pics in my album. Replacement was not available so I replaced it all the way around with a different product, even though there was no damage to the stbd side. I believe the yard kept the undamaged OEM sections. If you are interested in a section to replace the damaged area, IM me and I'll find out if they still have it.
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If you (the yard) still has a section, that would be very helpful. Looks like I could splice it in.
Please let me know if it's available and the cost.

Here is a picture I took last night of the damaged area (is it properly called the "strake" ?) This is standing on the deck looking down. The top of the picture is outboard. The bottom is inboard. The damage is about 6" long. Fore and aft, it's between the fwd lowers and the chain plate.

What I think happened is that while she was parked at the yard for a day, the wind shifted to push against the piling and the tide went out - creating upward and inward pressure on that part of the rubrail and strake. Cold weather may also have contributed by making the plastic more brittle.

Looks like the plastic that supports the rub rail sacrificed itself to protect the hull/deck joint - to which there appears to be no damage. The rub rail itself also isn't damaged.

If you can locate the section that would be great. Else I probably have to figure out how to fabricate something. In the Annapolis area it will probably cost a $billion or two and have to be done several times.


strake damage.jpg


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Back in 2003 when Pacific Seacraft was still in business on the West Coast I was able to get the rubber rub rails and plastic extrusions from them because they still had surplus stock from when they manufactured Ericsons. I was able to splice in about a 6' section of the extrusions, then just insert the new rubber. Not sure if the new PSC in North Carolina would know who the original supplier of these rub rails was. Might be worth a try to contact them.


Also Taco Marine may have a match.

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