E35-2 shower drain clog


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The shower drain in the head is clogged.
I pumped/sponged out the standing water above the drain, so the head is still use-able, just not for a shower.

Seems like it is rusted metal molded into the plastic floor pan like a sink drain.
Under the floor in the bilge is a right angle bend and then a hose connection which goes who-knows-where.

Under the floor I can't reach the hose connection end of he pipe. Feels like there is rusted hose clamp.
How did anyone put this together in the first place ?

It's probably just dirt stuck in there. Haven't used the shower in ages.
Tried to unclog with various plastic snakey things but can't get anything that will make the right angle turn.

I'm a bit leary of putting drain cleaner chemicals down the drain.
Is there something that is safe and strong enough to work ?

Any ideas ?



Christian Williams

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I wouldn't use drain clear either. It only works on organic stuff anyhow.

Where does the head drain hose go--to the bilge or to a sump. Any luck trying from that end?

Dave G.

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On mine the shower drain fitting comes out through the bulkhead under the settee next to the head and drains into the bilge. Never used it as not sure about I'm on board with the whole design. It's only a 3/4" line so guess it could get plugged pretty easy. Looking at 35-2 on sailboatdata.com I would think yours may do the same although you may have a pump somewhere that needs to be on ?


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I checked the setee and there are no hoses in it. So it's running under the floor.

There is an 8" x 6" x 4" plastic box in the bilge near the bilge pump with three hoses entering. One hose goes to a exit at the stern just below the deck - uphill and above the waterline No clue about the other two except seems logical that one might connect to the shower drain. I suppose you don't want soap in the bilge so the box might act like a sort of gray water holding tank.

Is this arrangement typical for a shower drain ?

This was clearly put in by a version 1.0 robot from the future with the expectation that it would never be accessed.

Dave G.

1984 E30+ Ludington, MI
Any wires going to that plastic box ? That hose going to the stern would need a pump to get it there I think.

Jerry VB

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Since you cannot get down the drain due to the elbow under the drain, try disconnecting the hose at the box (which should be a sump with a float switch and lift (bilge) pump to pump the "grey" water overboard) and run a plumbing snake (if you have one and it fits in the hose) from the discharge end of the drain hose.


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It was probably assembled before the inside liner was installed. You might need to cut a maintenance/access hole.