E35-3 Replacing bilge hose


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Hi - this is my first post asking for assistance. My (original I believe) automatic bilge hose (Lawrence 3/4 ID) is severely rotten where is exits under the engine. I am trying to remove the old one and instal a new one. It's a tricky job - without much force the aft end of the hose disintegrated. The new Trident hose is smaller than the original but I have concerns about being able to feed it through (assuming I can remove the old one). Does anyone have any experience with how to replace the hose without lifting the floorboards?

The hose disappears from new the chart table (starboard side) and then magically reappears by the transmission. I have an idea on the routing but am not certain. Any ideas?

Lastly, as I mentioned I am trying to avoid lifting the floorboards in the process. If anyone has alternative routing ideas these would also be welcome.

Thank you in advance.

PS. Pic of rotten hose attached for your entertainment! Its nasty!


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Christian Williams

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Wire-reinforced bilge pump hose. Unusual, I think. Looks more like a wet exhaust hose.

The general plan for bilge pump hoses is to attach the new hose to the old and pull/push it through, expecting issues. If it were me I'd carefully wire-sew the connection so it could withstand the jerking and yanking in store. Minimal tape, trying to keep it flexible. Maybe a lubricant on the hose exterior (Dawn soap) .

On my model the bilge hoses go through furniture and make difficult hidden turns. Patience and a helper.

I don't suppose your floorboards come up easily? Lifting mine would be a major project and probably require a new sole.

See also: https://ericsonyachts.org/ie/threads/bilge-wars-the-jammed-hose-menace.19127/


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Christian - thanks for the prompt reply. Love your videos by the way. I appreciate the advice.

Yes, floor boards don't come up easily. It would be a major project and one I want to avoid. If I can't get it through the same path, I may be able to route it into the starboard locker and by the galley to the pump under the galley sink.

Correction to the earlier post - hose disappears from the port side (not starboard) by the chart table.

All the best.