E46 - all the things... Kinda


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This week I kicked off several projects on my 1973 Ericson 46.

I'm adding 3 530 watt solar panels. These just came out so I was able to pick up a few for my boat.
These will each feed into a dedicated 100/20 victron mppt controller.
Those will help charge a custom built 24v 916ah lifepo4 battery. Just under 24kwh!
Bms is an Orion Jr. A new 5000va quattro inverter will feed the ships AC systems.
The entire system will integrate into a cerbo gx. Phew.

Yesterday I finished pulling my #2 Barlow coffee grinders. The wide open deck feels like a different boat!

Today I've been gutting the old split chiller a/c systems. I'm going to install a new Velair 16k but in the main cabin. This thing is very efficient and should do very well with my large battery.

Earlier this week I pulled my sails and they are now off for inspection and service at a local sail maker.

This week I'm working to pull the mast and begin the process to update my rigging. I will be eliminating the old wire/rope halyards and am seriously considering dyneema/dux vs wire.

I find myself eyeballing my nav station on a daily basis. I think it's getting pulled out and rebuilt into a desk station...

Anyhow, I'm doing even more but wanted to get something up on the forum.