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Sean Engle

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On Email Filtering (at Earthlink and elsewhere...):

Users with Earthlink and other ISPs which provide email filtering based on your address book need to add this websites mail services addresses to them (what a mouthful!).

Basically, what this means is that if you filter your email against your address book (in an effort to block spam), then you must add the following addresses to that book in order for the Information Exchange mail to be received:


for the 'universal address' - or - for individual addresses:

This is an issue because I keep receiving emails from Earthlink (and one or two other providers - but mostly Earthlink) bounced because the user opened an account on the Information Exchange, but then failed to list us as an acceptable sender.

If you're opening an Information Exchange account to post/reply, but don't want to receive mail from the site, then please adjust your settings according. Painfully detailed instructions on how to do this can be found in this thread. You can also email me for assistance in this - I'm happy to help.

There are also protections in the settings which prevent the exposure of your email address to users on the outside while still allowing someone to send you a message (hides your address to the user; the server forwards the message to you), and of course, you have the option of choosing not to receive any mail from the site if you wish.

As an aside, please know that does not sell, lease or otherwise release email addresses to outside organizations (a new privacy policy will be implemented soon spelling this out - but it is, and always has been the policy of this site).

Regardless of the settings you choose, however - you must list a genuine email address in your profile - otherwise we have no idea if you are legitimate or not and the account could be disabled as a security precaution (remember the hacking in 2004?).

What will happen if you don't update your account with your new/current email address? Read on...

EY.o User Account Policy:
In an effort to preserve the reputation of the email system (to prevent blacklisting), it is the policy of the Information Exchange that those users who do not update their email addresses and as a result, generate failed mail, will have their thread subcriptions automatically deleted.

After we've made notifications/requests for the update of the email address, if additional posts are made without updating the profile, then the user account will subjected to restrictions and possible lockout.

Please email us at for further information.
Thanks for your assistance in this effort.
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