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Would like to learn more

I looked at several of the utubes concerning electric motorized boats. My students are using the same etek motor for a electric hydrofoil. We have E35II with atomic 4. A electric motors sounds very appealing if only the could recharge as as refueling.
Hope others post any success with electric motors.



"4 knts per hour" ... that is one very slow Ericson !

From Wikipedia:

Until the mid-19th century vessel speed at sea was measured using a chip log. This consisted of a wooden panel, weighted on one edge to float upright and thus have substantial water resistance, attached by line to a reel. The chip log was "cast" over the stern of the moving vessel and the line allowed to pay out. Knots placed at a distance of 47 feet 3 inches (14.4018 m) passed through a sailor's fingers, while another sailor used a 30 second sandglass (28 second sandglass is the current accepted timing) to time the operation.[6] The knot count would be reported and used in the sailing master's dead reckoning and navigation. This method gives a value for the knot of 20.25 in/s, or 1.85166 km/h. The difference from the modern definition is less than 0.02%.


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Just to be clear, I'm not financially involved with SolidNav (other than buying a unit from them :). It bothers me when obvious solicitation pops up here and that is not my intent with this post.