Electrical pump wiring conundrum...

Frank Langer

1984 Ericson 30+, Nanaimo, BC

So I'm feeling a bit stupid...bought a Facet-Purolator solid state electronic fuel pump (the cylindrical type), and it only comes with one wire sticking out the centre front. The instructions say to "connect positive power lead to the ignition switch voltage supply terminal". But there is no negative wire, or any mention of it.

I thought an electrical device needed a positive and a negative wire to make a circuit, and although I'm not at the boat the moment, I think the old Facet pump has both.

Does anyone have any advice on how to install this pump? I can connect the positive to the existing positive connection, including a fuse. But what do I do with the existing negative wire on the old pump, and how do I complete the circuit on the new one?

Thanks for any help. I thought I was gradually understanding this stuff, but only one wire....?:confused:


Glyn Judson

The other wire.

Frank, It's likely that the "other wire" is the pump body itself. Lead a ground wire with a lug on the end to the screw you'll use to mount the pump on whatever part of the engine room. I guess the manufacturer figures that 99.99% of the installations will be in a vehicle and the chassis or body sheet metal will be the ground. Make sense? Glyn Judson, E31 hull #55, Marina del Rey, CA