Ericson 25 Parts For Sale

tim stark

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We recently acquired an Ericson 25 which has soft decks and unfortunately not able to restore.
We do have parts available if anyone is in need. Centerboard, Rudder, Mast, Boom, Sails, Cushions, etc.
If anyone here is interested in purchasing, it would be greatly appreciated.
Will certainly help in purchase of our next sailboat.
Tim & Jen
727-403-9900 (call or text)
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Hi Tim and Jen,
Sorry to hear you can't restore your boat. My wife and I recently purchased a 1975 e25, and are in the middle of a limited refit. It would be helpful to know year of your boat, and condition of various pieces and parts. Is it safe to assume that it has been a saltwater vessel? It wasn't, by chance, equipped with a tabernacle for raising the mast, was it? Aaron