Ericson 26-2 through Hell Gate in NYC


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I wanted to give an update to many who gave me great advice during my completely clueless first few weeks of boat ownership. I purchased my boat in Glen Cove, Long Island and the transport to my home marina in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, involved some rather interesting locations. I made the voyage on April 10th. Left Glen Cove, Long Island at 7am aiming to get to Hell Gate around 10am for 10:10am SE Ebb current. The day started with very little wind and I motored ahead wasting no time. A few days earlier I notice my stuffing box getting a little hot when motoring around 3000rpm, so I decided to take it easy and keep the motor at around 2700rpm and 4.2 knots. Better safe than sorry. Hell Gate was nothing out of the ordinary, other that a few weird areas where the water bubbled as if it was boiling. I had zero issues there. Once on the east River , pushed by the increasing current, the boat was moving at 7.5 knots, still at 2700rpm. At times we moved faster than traffic on the FDR!
We sailed by the UN Building, sailed under the Ed Koch Queensboro , Williamsburg, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Verrazzano Bridges and even took a de-tour by Liberty who greeted us to NYC. The East River has water taxis, ferries, barges, and all kind of vessels cruising in all directions, so I had to keep pretty focus on our surroundings. It was an absolute breathtaking trip. I have to say that I could not relax and enjoy that much because I was really worried my Yanmar could stall at any moment, my stuffing box would fall apart or something would go terribly wrong ..... but that little 1GM and the Ericson behaved perfectly.
I joined the wonderful Miramar Yatch Club in Sheepshead Bay , Brooklyn where I keep SV Coco on a mooring. It is a wonderful secret location that only locals know about. I have been in Brooklyn for 20 years and I had no idea I could keep a boat 20 minutes from my apartment. It is wonderful.


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What a beautiful journey....felt like I was part of your crew....even though I am 2000 miles away!


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That is such a lovely trip which I have done many times (thanks for bringing back some great memories). The previous owner/close friend kept the boat north on the Hudson River and once a summer I would fly out to NY and then we would sail down the Hudson, through the East River, and out to the Long Island Sound. A few times we headed to Block Island and to Martha's Vineyard. We once clocked 13.5 knots and hit a 6 foot standing waver near Hell Gate... it can still be hairy if you time it right. Congratulations on your purchase and here's to many years of enjoyable sailing.


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Wow. Sounds like a lot of fun. Just yesterday I sailed my new to me 87 26-2 (#301) from Jersey City to Nyack where she is moored at the Nyack Boat club :)
I notice you have a Yanmar engine - is that what came with the boat? Mine has a Universal/Westerbeke motor.