Ericson 27 not far from Annapolis


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I know nothing about this boat, have no connection whatsoever. Just happened to see it while browsing craigslist and figured I would post for anyone who might be interested.


Loren Beach

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"Apropos of whatever" as the saying goes, I was recently trying to talk to a sailing friend about advertising his canoe for sale. (He has just posted up a note on the YC cork board --- and now there are few members around to read it!)
Anyhow, he is really leary of learning to use CL, and would probably be a bit confused by attaching photos - and how to get them prepped to do that.
So, while some CL ads certainly seem purposely vague and misleading, there may be others where the poster is just barely able to even post an ad.
Gotta say, tho, CL has made some nice changes in their software in the last year or so, and pix are a *lot* easier to attach now than in the past.
....As your were, Carry on...

ps: The boat looks really good to me.

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Looks like a heck of a deal. We have a couple Chesapeake Ericson club members up that way who may know more.