Ericson 29 around the world?


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I volunteered my time yesterday at a repair cafe here in New Zealand yesterday.

While there I met a woman named Jesse who told me her and her partner had sailed an Ericson 29 around the world.

She said they “didn’t mean to” but it was easier to continue on around the world then go back, so they did.

I didn’t get their surnames, but the boat’s name was Heart of Gold. It sounded great in her Irish accent.

Apparently they cut the stern off and modified it some way while extending it a foot or so.

Her partner who did the modifications is floating somewhere in the Sea of Cortez on another boat.

Anyone know more about this?



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I don't recall hearing about it before.
Entry in Latitude 38 Circumnavigators list might match some of that:
Balding, Gary & Jessie / Winchester Bay, OR / na / 30-ft sloop / Heart of Gold

Perhaps the extension could have been something like Shelmans E26 sugar-scoop mod?
Hmm... wasn't Shelman from somewhere around WInchester Bay? Weird coincidences...

The only long-distance E29 voyage I recall hearing about was Spetakkel. Sailed from the Caribbean to Fiji, IIRC, and sold it there.


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It very much sounds like the boat. All of those names match up, though I never got the surname. They sailed it around the world via the Panama and Suez Canal. After they sold Heart of Gold they they bought a steel gaff rigged schooner in MX and that boat is here in NZ.

Fun bit of history