Ericson 30 Models


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I am researching a main sail purchase for Discovery, a 1983 E-30, from Bacon Sails in Annapolis.
They have a nice search capability, that I am using but it has me confused.

It lists 5 versions of the Ericson 30 and I am not sure what to make of it.
  1. Ericson 30
  2. Ericson 30 STD
  3. Ericson 30-1
  4. Ericson 30-2
  5. Ericson 30-2 STD
Does anyone have an opinion?

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It looks like they developed their own nomenclature. Since they do not ID the Ericson 30+, I wonder if they have a measurement set for each of their "versions" ?


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I am of the impression that I need to speak with another sail maker, Ulman, Quantum, Doyle,... basically reputable houses.

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I, and others here have had great experiences with used sails from Bacons in the past. I haven’t read much feedback on their new sails, however.

When you select the boat model on their search site, it shows the I,J,P,E dimensions for that model. All that matters is that the sail fits those dimensions.

Also, I think the Bacon site uses "SD” for shoal draft keel models, though that should not really be relevant for sail selection.
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