Ericson 35-2 interior carpet


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Fred; Our fiberglass floor was really starting to show its age so I went and made floor covering for it. First we made a template of the floor using plastic sheeting. The we ordered enough vinyl floor covering (SailRite has a good selection) The stuff comes in 8ft widths so we were able to do the boat in three nice sections. I think we ended up buying 3yrds of the stuff. We sewed on edging and installed snaps on the corners its still looking really good but we only have a season and half on it so far. The dogs love it plus its easy to get out of the way if I have to make a mess inside the cabinIMG_0128.jpgIMG_0164.jpgIMG_0162.jpg


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My experience is what works well is to use an outdoor carpet from Home Depot or Lowes. Usually there's something brownish/teakish in color.

I make a template and then cut the carpet with a heavy duty pair or scissors, also available at home depot.

I've found that carpets with a stiffer backing work better and slide less. In lieu of binding, I use a propane torch to singe the edges to prevent any unraveling

Results in a <$100 solution that hides a lot of sins.


Don't much dig the bare fiberglass floor - does anyone know if anyone makes carpets to match the layout?

In ‘73 with my brand new E-32 II, the then very chic factory shag carpeting looked great for about 3 sails and getting wet with salt water from swimming anchorages in Miami waters.

I/we learned early on to pick up cheaper carpet remanent pieces from carpet stores and use the original as a pattern.

Down the road, the galley area at the companionway entry was surfaced with a Teak & Holly sole and the carpeting forward lasted a little longer at least.

The Teak & Holly veneered ply was difficult to attach given the curved sole and it sucked up dirt like a sponge only to look dingy as well in short order too.

Years later, a new product, “Plasteak” Came out with a vinyl Teak & Holly looking product that is pliable to floor curves and easy to clean plus durable.

We installed it and have been more than pleased! We DID keep the main salon carpeting for a feature of warmth and sound quieting purposes.

Just some food for thought from one who has had that T-Shirt for a very long time. B43B2CBC-70AC-4E76-A772-28A37E018556.jpeg9366015C-A6D9-4C9F-9763-15FA16099858.jpeg2937FC22-8A0B-4EC0-9E30-EA4183AD0064.jpegE074FF17-FB3C-4AA4-82C4-5FCA1095D46B.jpeg31AD25F9-1896-47FD-B0A5-DDCCC99A52F9.jpeg
On AnnaDor (E-32) we use carpet runners, two short and one long. they have rubber backing and look great. the coating on the back will last a couple seasons. I roll them up when we leave the boat. We get them at HD or Lowes. They make a noticeable difference withe heat and ac.