Ericson 36C deck layout, rigging, and hardware?


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I am doing a refit on a 36C that has not been in the water for 10 years, so I have never seen my boat rigged and I have some questions and ideas I'm tossing around.

The staysail boom/control line has me a little confused and I'd appreciate some help getting it right. I've also seen a number of photos of sister ships with winches added to the port side of the boat in various configurations. Any ideas about what works or doesn't?

I'm adding turning blocks to a new deck collar and think I will lead the main halyard and reefing lines to starboard. Anyone done this?

There is a Lofrans vertical windlass with capstan in my attic waiting to be installed on the foredeck. I'm looking at the bow roller and its configuration and cleat placement. I don't want to re-invent the wheel if someone has a functional foredeck that they love.

I also want to add some cleats/chocks midship for spring lines, but can't quite decide where to put them.

Any photos of your deck hardware and rig would be appreciated.



36c paradise

Good to see you are going to put another 36C back to work. I don't hit this site too often as there is not much interest in our boat and that's probably because they didn't make that many. Anyhow, I have owned and lived on my 36C for 34yrs and are now cruising as of 1997. I'm not saying I'm an expert but I do have some experience with the boat. I don't do much computer stuff but would be glad to help if I can. Right now we are in Panama and I have a few mods to do. I have a lot of pics on our blog but I don't think they let us put them on this site, as a matter of fact yesterday I sent Sean a message about that subject. I'll try to find some pics. I put a profurl on our stay sail and can roll the boom all the way to the stay and disconnect the sheet from the track moving it forward to make more room on deck when at anchor. The control lines go through a couple of deck organizers and and cheek blocks, then lead back to the pt side of the cockpit under the dodger through line stoppers and a wench. This works very well and makes using the stay sail sooo much easier to use. There is also a prevent-er that helps with control in soppy seas.


I realy don't know what I'm doing Sven.

:headb: I was trying to answer Matt don't how you got it. Guess I was looking at the inverter thread.


:headb: I was trying to answer Matt don't how you got it. Guess I was looking at the inverter thread.
I was just wondering why you thought links to personal blogs were not permitted. This isn't the Cruisers Forum :)


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Blogs are here....

You all might want to use the "Blog" feature on this site.
I would use it more often, but find that it takes more thought (as it were) to be a mini-author rather than just stick to the usual reactive thread -stretching!

OTOH, if I can put in Blog entries, anyone can.... it's not rocket science, as someone once observed...



Loren and Sven;
Thanx for the info. Seems like I just need more practice. Just a learning curve.

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Hi Matt,

If you search this site you will find some 36C information. I have always had trouble using the search option here, so I use the Google "search site" tool. In Google the search window would look like this; ericson 36c Just now doing a search for you in Google I saw a search result that showed all the "Tagged" posts for 36C. If you use the EricsonYachts "Advanced Search" and enter what you are looking for after "Tag:" you will get a bunch for search specific stuff.

I'm sure others know about this and have probably mentioned it but I tend to be a little slow ;-)


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Mark- I lived on an E27- Glory- on J dock in Santa Cruz during 2008. I'm sure she is still in the harbor somewhere. I sure do miss her and the weather as I try to do this refit during a long Maine winter. Thanks for the info about how to navigate this site more effectively.

Sid- your boat gives my dream a tangible form to hang on to as I toil away- I admire her greatly.


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Nice photo of staysail boom, but I also spy something in the background

The thread caught my eye, then the picture of the staystail boom. Then yes, of course, I recognized the boat, "Gratitude" and all the boats in the picture looked so familar. So I finally figured it out when I spied my own 36C, Brass Dragon in the background. Unfortunately I missed the chance to meet up with Dwight then but hopefully we will meet and sail together soon. I will try to load up some photos too, since the 36C is not so well documented. It was the photo file on the Paradise blogsite that moved me to make changes on my boat. It is a great resource of ideas as well as the fun tracking them on their journeys.