Ericson 38 200 universal 32 hp engine oil change

ciao qualcuno ha fatto il lavoro, motore centrale da 32 cv centrale sotto il lavello della cucina poco spazio per il lavoro per favore spiega come farlo grazie mille. Saverio

Christian Williams

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Saverio, please provide a translation, it's an English-language forum.

hello someone did the job, 32 hp central engine under the kitchen sink little space for work please explain how to do it thank you very much. Saverio
hello someone changed 32 hp universal engine oil under the kitchen sink little work space please explain how to do it thank you very much. Saverio

paul culver

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I think I know what you mean. Get one of these and pump the oil out from the dipstick tube. They work great. Available from West Marine and other boating supply stores.1594669823232.png

Loren Beach

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If your engine does not have the "drain hose" led up the side of the engine from a Banjo Fitting on the bottom, it would be worth adding. It was an option on our former M25XP engine, and later versions of that engine included it as standard equipment.
This allowed us to easily drop the thin tubing from the vacuum pump (pictured in reply #4, down to the bottom and pump out all of the dirty oil.
Our new Betamarine also has this oil-removal hose fitted, standard.