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Ericson Hats Ready

I started a new thread so everyone can see where to buy them. Options are Navy with White Stitching and Khaki with Black Stitching.
Limited supply. If they go fast will make some more. Thanks Don
Payment Options are Paypal(Preferred) or a CC. I like paypal because as a buyer you have good protection.*
Most of you have bought from me before so if you need anything else just let me know.
Thanks Don

Pat O'Connell

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Hi Don Thanks for doing this hat program. We are all set. Bought some real nice hats graciously co-ordinated by Morgan years ago and we still have them. They wash up like new. Best Regards Pat 1981 E28+ Universal 5411


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2 hats

Id take a couple also, maybe gold embroidery on gray? If not, tan hat with navy emb or white on navy


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Received hats

Good quality. They're much better quality than two others I bought on ebay from another vendor a while back with just the Ericson logo. Thanks!