Erred in an on-sale Raymarine chartplotter combo purchase


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It's a Raymarine Element 9HV chartplotter combo with free HV-100 transom-mount transducer and USA lakes, coastal Navionics package.

I called Raymarine technical support to get their suggestion on a mounting medium for this transducer for an in-hull application, as transom mount is impossible on my E-35.

The tech said very very bad choice, never get an in-hull transducer as it will never provide maximum advantage of 50% of the applications of the unit purchased and 100% of the 3D this unit offers..needs at least a 200 kilohertz thru-hull transponder to take advantage of all the included applications and lucky to read a 25-30 foot depth with this transducer..should have the Axiom 9RV package with through hull transducer, which is $400 more expensive.....

The tech firmly stated that the transom mount HV-100 will not work in an in-hull application, period and there is not a 200 Kilohertz transducer for the 9HV.

They also said explicitly...never, ever mount an in-hull with silicon..ever! If anything use 2-part epoxy, mineral oil or antifreeze, but still will not allow 50% advantages of this unit.

Look like I fouled up on this one...going to return it.


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Follow up...did some investigation on my own (Google) and found out that the tech folks at Raymarine need some extra training. There is a 200 kilohertz "in-hull" transducer (part #1968965) available that specifically fits the Element 9HV perfectly; allowing all the applications including 3D and depth to 1500' (of course, the channel depth at our lake is only 90-180')...I confirmed all with West Marine, they had one in stock with a 30' cord ! It's on the way!!!!!


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My experience with Raymarine technical support has been far, far, less than stellar. If good support and sound technical advice is what you value I'd recommend looking elsewhere.


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Ref: Post #2 above...This is old news to most of you, but for me and maybe other first timers, its great info for installing this referenced (or any similar) in-hull transducer:



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In Raymarine's defense try calling Garmin. :rolleyes:
I flew Garmin avionics for decades...yes, I agree; however there are many first class local airport avionics shops from coast to coast, border to border that support Garmin products (as well as other avionics manufacturers) and most really have a through understanding and very professional...$$$$ ! But as far as calling Garmin direct....right on!
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Idk. I have a new Garmin 942xs that won't send automatic route guidance to my Raymarine below deck pilot over nmea 2000. However it will send the commands over 0183. According to Garmin it will send nmea 2000 auto guidance to Garmin autopilots. Very misleading because they advertise the unit to work with third party pilots! Ohh and it drops satellite signal and sometimes takes 15 min+ to figure your location and speed. Thank god I wired my AIS to the Garmin and was able to use its gps position. Also the autoguidance couldn't figure out a 60 mile trip down the Hudson river whereas Navionics does it with ease!


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I have a new Garmin 942xs that won't send automatic route guidance to my Raymarine below deck pilot over nmea 2000.
Trying not to hijack the thread, but....

I have a Garmin 942xs and a Raymarine EV-100 wheel autopilot connected via NMEA 2000. No NMEA 0183 wiring. The autopilot uses a Raymarine P70s control head and a ACU-100 Actuator Control Unit.

There were times when I would try to switch to Track mode, and the autopilot control head would complain “No navigation data”. Other times it would work.

I think that switching from Auto mode to Track mode gives this error, but switching from Standby to Track mode does work. I have not seen the “No navigation data” since the autopilot trained me to be in Standby mode before switching to Track mode.