exhaust deflector


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I'm now parked stern to the dock. The exhaust points straight out the stern and the A4 throws cooling water around 10 feet.
Which get water all over the dock. Anyone know of a simple solution to deflect ?
For example is there an automotive elbow that would fit on the end - without welding ?

thanks,, Steve

Loren Beach

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I know of at least one boat in our marina with a molded rubber 90 degree "elbow" attached to their transom exhaust, to solve this problem.
Best to measure the OD of the fitting and check with a NAPA store? Perhaps?


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Maybe not as nice as having one of the many marine fabricators in the Annapolis area (you’ll know where to find them) make a new stainless fitting for you, but a rubber exhaust elbow may do the trick.

Prairie Schooner

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Could you mount a shield (acrylic, plywood, ) to the dock? Though that would probably be in the way of dock lines.

Christian Williams

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Or tape on a 45-degree ABS or Schedule 80 PVC elbow and see what happens. Black might not even look bad.

That drives the price down to $5. :)


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thanks for suggestions. Ended up with $10 solution from Home Depot. Rubber pipe connector.

Note its held on with a hose clam. I' rather hold it on w an adhesive. Anyone know what will bond rubber to ss, but could later be removed and clean up the SS ? Will silicone calk work ?

exhaust 90deg bend (IMG_1177).JPG