Exhaust riser sheered off.


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My exhaust riser failed completely yesterday and I have a trip coming up this weekend. This is an Ericson '32-2 with an Atomic 4. I won't be able to get the part from Moyer in time and I am thinking about building it myself. Has anyone done this with success?

Many thanks.

Sean Engle

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I had the nipple coming off the riser fail on me under way - sheared right off. Lucky for me I happened to be looking in the engine compartment at the time of failure, trying to run down a ozone smell (new alternator on the horizon) when it popped. But - mine was a Universal M25 - so a different animal...

Because I had the old heavy universal riser and I took the opportunity to reduce the weight by replacing it with a new one. The vibration over the years must have caused metal fatigue and it finally let go. Of course, I had just repainted the engine compartment and it was nice and clean, etc....

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