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Hi all, does any one know of a fan/port light that fits into the standard 15" port used in the head of most Ericsons. I have looked and have found nothing. I can probably make my own adaptation but thought there might be a unit out there that has been manufactured. Thanks in advance. TPCorrigan

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You could 'home brew' something like this adaption I found on an old posting on another forum.
12 volt muffin fans are widely available. Add wiring and a switch... and a mounting scheme.
You might need a filler piece of acrylic on each side to really control the flow. Or, just mount two of these little rectangular fans side by side. They do not use much power.


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I put one in line with the bilge blower and another over the head. The amperage is small and the boat has a 50W solar panel on the hood over the companionway.





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Thanks for the Ideas. I was thinking along the lines of what Loren found but was hoping for a manufactured unit that looked better that what I could do myself. Thanks for the Input.