Farallons ?


Is there any reason why a cruiser would want to visit the Farallon Islands overnight ? The one anchorage is supposed to be marginally rolly and somewhat protected in NW conditions but I'm not sure if there is any reason to go there ? Can you go ashore and see the wildlife or is there enough aquatic wildlife to make an excursion worth it ?




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Hi Sven,

there is no anchorage at Farallons - at least, not officially. There is a palce to drop a hook, yes; however, holding is poor, it's not recommended for anything but a lunch or a true emergency and you may get yelled at by authorities as it's a part of the protected zone.

Nice alternative used by most people is to go around Farallones and then anchor in Drake's Bay.

Islands are wild and beautiful in a nice weather, and terrifying and cold in bad one. Many boats and many souls were lost there. Local indians called them "Islands of the Dead".

I have some fantastic pictures from there to show for blue skies and almost no wind; my wife went by on another occasion and has a memory of fog, cold, and winds of 40+ knots.