For Sale: Nearly new and used sails for E30+

Frank Langer

1984 Ericson 30+, Nanaimo, BC
I am selling a 95% furling jib which has only been used once on our 1984 E30+, and stored since. It's a great sail for windier days. It still crinkles and looks new! :)
I am also selling a used 125% furling genoa, which though older, is in good condition and has been regularly maintained by the sail loft, and a mainsail which is older as well but in fair to good condition, with regular maintenance.
I am prepared to be very reasonable on sale price, especially for the older sails, less so for the new 95% jib, and buyer would need to pay shipping costs from Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
Feel free to email me at: