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Forum weirdness


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The other day, I posted an innocuous comment in a thread about battery chargers. I suppose it could have been construed as critical of these useful devices. So, the very next day, I went over to my boat, just to check the bilge after a rainstorm and to sit on deck for a while. Guess what? The battery charger was dead! It's been on the boat ever since I bought it six years ago, and, come to think of it, is one of the very few things that I haven't repaired or replaced.

I took the charger home and opened it up. A couple of capacitors just fell out. So I placed an order with Hodges Marine for a Promariner Gen 4. Sigh...


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Tom Metzger

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Teranodon - It's not wise to upset the gods. One of them probably has a cousin in the marine charger business. I know because at one time or another I've pissed off most of them.