Free Deck Fill Caps


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One of my original deck fill caps on my 1984 e38 broke and since replacing it seemed virtually impossible, I just finished installing all new fittings. So I now have 4 intact caps, 1 broken cap, 3 water fittings, 1 waste fitting, 1 diesel fitting and 2 somewhat intact of rubber gaskets for under the fittings. Let me know who needs them.

Side note, I’d recommend considering replacing your fittings also. On my 38, when originally installed by Ericson the core was not protected at all. The damage wasn’t too extensive but a few fittings had allowed water to creep into the core, could get nasty if left for a few more years. I’ve got her all fixed up nice and it’s not too painful of a job.



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I've re-bedded mine but they do not twist well. Assuming they're the same on a 32-3. I would definitely be interested.