Fridge compressor location on an E33RH?


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I have a used Frigoboat set up that I want to install on my E33RH and I am wandering where others have located their fridge compressor. The easiest place to my eye, at least from an installation perspective, is just behind the galley bulkhead in the lazarette and above the cool box (on the hull side of the fold down kitchen utility drawer enclosure). This only a few inches from the rear end of the coolbox. But it also high up and in the engine space so it will probably get quite warm. Any ideas?


Keith Parcells

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yes, I think that would be the ideal spot for it. When motoring, make sure you run your exhaust fan. The exhaust side duct should suck from high up in the engine compartment and the inlet duct should be low down and pointing at the engine. They are just dryer exhaust type hoses on my boat, but seem to circulate cool air pretty effectively. That should cool your cooler!

Loren Beach

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Curiosity.... which FrigoBoat heat exchanger? Air or thru-hull water cooled?
(Our first fridge system was the FrigoBoat with the "keel cooler" for heat exchange, and when it died after a decade we changed to an air-transfer --radiator&fan-- version from Isotherm. The hole in the hull was patched at last haul out.)

Bill Baum

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Sheperdson- that is exactly where we put ours eight years ago before we started cruising. We have a water-cooled Isotherm holding plate system which has worked great. I would suggest you give a little thought to access to the compressor for service. I have an anode to change each year, and have had to service the water pump several times. Each time I have to remove the screws that mount the chassis to that shelf and move the chassis a little to get at what I need. I don't know the Frigiboat equipment, but do suggest you consider access for maintenance.