Fund Raising 2016-2017!

Sean Engle

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I have placed an announcement in the forums for the current fund-raising effort and am repeating it here...

Cheers everyone!



Once again I'm late starting this despite everyone's good intentions at reminding me - but now it's official:

The 2016-2017 Fund Raising Season at is now open!

Another year has passed - I hope that all of you are well, and that your families are healthy and happy. Much has happened over the preceding 12 months - much of which I will side-step for obvious reasons - but it's safe to say that little seems the same. There are many aspects which are comforting however - and that includes things like sailing, where we interface with the natural world and its much longer view of life dominate to provide us a view of consistency and balance which help to power through the issues - especially those created by us.

2017 will be EricsonYachts' 16th year on the web. In that time we have made many new friends, we've lost some very valued old friends and have managed to (as someone I know named Mr. James William Buffett once said) "...keep plowing straight ahead, come what may."

As I've said before, I value my relationship with all of you, as it permits me to keep a foot in the sailing world sans boat, and that has helped me a great deal. I know it sounds corny - but it's true - and it has been very valuable to me in the the past - and I imagine will be more so going forward as we work our way through this weather...

So - the fund raising boiler plate: As in the past, we come to the membership once a year to solicit donations for the operational and material costs for The membership has been covering these expenses annually since 2004, and usually, with a good turnout, folk's modest donations are all that is needed to cover the costs and pay the bills for another season. Because we neither charge for access to the information we provide, nor allow for third parties to hang banners all over the site, this has been the method of finance that has allowed to continue to grow and thrive.

If you wish to contribute, all you need to do is visit our page on donations:

On this page you will find information on making a contribution via PayPal with a major credit card, or via snail mail with a check or other form of payment. As always, your contributions make the difference between this site continuing to exist or not. We greatly appreciate everyone’s generosity – thank you so very much!

Meeta and I send all of you and your families very warm heartfelt Holiday Wishes. Moving forward, we look toward the spring, the return of daylight and the assurance that the things in life that truely matter are not easily changed - that the love and concern we share for and with others will endure and grow in the days ahead.

Best Wishes -


Tom Metzger

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Got you covered. Thanx for your efforts for us. We do appreciate it.

Happy holidaze to you and the family.

Rick R.

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Thanks so much for keeping the family together Sean!

Donation on the way.

Merry Christmas!


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Donation on way

Great Job on this Site.
The site provides me an endless way to worry about everything that I hear, smell and see on my boat. I am not sure is that is a good thing or a bad thing but I read and fix, and read and Fix I hope someday this will end LOL. Restoring a 1974 E 35 is a labor of love for me and this web site provides more than money can buy for all of the great information available.
Thanks so much for all of your hard work and time spent keeping this great site up and running.
Enjoy the donation
Happy Holidays to all.
Tom Winesett


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Ditto to what Tom wrote: "The site provides me an endless way to worry about everything that I hear, smell and see on my boat. " And, may I add, contact with other owners and how they took care of a problem. Experiential solutions. I do not think I would have bought her without this site. Donation on it's way.
Thank you, Sean.

Frank Langer

1984 Ericson 30+, Nanaimo, BC

My donation has been sent via PayPal using the link elsewhere on this site. Thanks for keeping it running each year! The information is so helpful to us all, and also fun to read. Keep up the good work!



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Thanks for another Great year Sean!

A daily read for Ericson owners and prospective owners, I would have bought a different boat if not for
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Mort Fligelman

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Check is in the mail


Another year......another thank you....

Probably no chance that we will get back to Seattle, but my family and I would enjoy another meeting and dinner with you if you get to Florida or Chicago.

Our best wishes to you and yours for a happy and healthy holiday season.



Loren Beach

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Holiday Greetings from here also.
And.... this keeps my ancient PayPal account active for another year too!

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Sean Engle

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Thank You!

Hi Everyone -

I have been tied down over the Christmas holiday looking at the site, updating it and resolving the archives issue for once and for all. I will be posting another thread separately to talk about what I have planned in this regard, but that's why I've been so quiet (I've been around - but on the backside of the site).

I hope all of you have had a nice holiday. I have paid our hosting and domain bills, so the site is good for another year. This upcoming upgrade will be covered as well, so we're in good shape.

Again - I 'll post a separate thread on the pending upgrade, etc - so watch for that.

Happy New Year everyone - from our house to your's we wish you a healthy, prosperous and meaningful year to come.


Christian Williams

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Thanks for the software upgrade, Sean.

Continues to be best adult site in yachting. Wait, that came out wrong.

I just mean we are adults, not anarchists, and politics and flames are not the Ericson style.


Kenneth K

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Thanks, Sean.

My modest donation has already been paid back many times over by the dozen+ mistakes I haven't made on my boat; all from what I've learned on this site!


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Glad to the Service

Thanks so much for the WEB site and all that you do for the Ericson sailing family.
I consider my donation today as a small token compared to what I have learned fom this forum.
Blessings in the New Year.

Rick+ E29 Leviathan

Sean Engle

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Thank You - again.

Not to be repetitive - and yes, I'll be sending out thank you notes individually here any day now - but I wanted to thank everyone again this year for the fun raising effort. It's really nice to see folks who find something you've created so useful to them that they're willing to kick in for it. When this started (the fund raising, I mean) in 2004, I was shocked to see that people were willing to do this - so thank you.

Thank you on so many different levels - both from a practical standpoint (keep it going) to a productive one (that you find it useful), to a personal one (that it keeps one of my feet in the 'sailboat world'). Also, given the past year - thank you for your continued enthusiasm and good cheer toward the site - it's been useful to me - who has been somewhat depressed for a variety of reasons political and personal.

So: the upgrade! Yes, we're going on an upgrade - a major upgrade. Actually, it's not even an 'upgrade' - it's a migration (think: new boat).

You cannot see the 'new boat' yet - but she's actually tied up right next to us at\ie - which won't do you much good right now as the site is locked off for testing. I just spent the last couple of days of my vacation here in my study doing tests over, and over, and over and over again...moving parts of our database and seeing what it will take to move us there... This past weekend we had a major break through in that the last large section of the site was added, and we managed to get a copy of the db transferred all the way over - and it works!

So - the term "UpgradeVille" will be the name given to the series of threads which will outline the migration efforts and (eventual) move. Watch for it - and look at the posts when I put them up. Eventually I will be putting a 'guideline' up of what I need members to do in the upgrade (as the new software has larger avatars, more info, etc - and I'll need you to populate it once you move in, etc). Please watch for this term going forward, and when you see it, please read the update (I'll keep it short - promise)!

Ok, that's it for now!

Thanks again!