Fund Raising Season 2020-2021

Sean Engle

Your Friendly Administrator
Greetings! Welcome to Fund Raising Season 2020-2021!

Once a year we ask members to consider supporting this website and it's activities by making a small donation. is not a commercial site, does not charge for the information it disseminates, nor does it depend on third party advertising to pay it's bills. Since 2004 we have made a single annual request for donations, and typically these, in number, have been sufficient to cover the cost of the URL, hosting, software and other associated costs that keep this site running.

This year, I am happy to put out this notice on our new platform on the Xenforo messaging system. For those of you unaware, in January 2020, we shut down for about a week in order to migrate from the old vBulletin software to this platform on Xenforo. After nineteen years on the web, our growth and security requirements had grown to a point where we needed to migrate, and after several years of looking at titles and planned paths of migration, Xenforo was chosen for a host of reasons (see the associated posts on this under the Announcements forum). Happily, working with a very talented developer for assistance in moving the blogs module and other elements, we were able to complete this migration and a week later we were back up on the new system. In reality, it took about two months to get things more or less squared away; looking at the site today, I am happy to report that we are operating at 100% and are fully up to date and secure!

Additionally, I am happy to point out that January 1st, 2021 will mark's 20th Anniversary on the web! Over the years, I have been happily contacted by a number of owners who informed me that their decision to purchase an Ericson hull over another make was influenced by the information and community found on this site. While my involvement in the creating site is a part of this, my gratitude really goes to all of you - the members and moderators - who have made this possible. That is, without the participation and involvement of all of you, this site, the community and information it provides to it's membership would not be possible. It is the simple fact that your participation in this site today helps owners both today and tomorrow in owning and maintaining their Ericson Hull.

Thank you so very much.

Information on EY.o's Donation Policy may be found here:

Best wishes to all of you. Please stay away from others outside your household, wear a mask and stay healthy. We look forward to seeing everyone this time next year!

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Frank Langer

1984 Ericson 30+, Nanaimo, BC
Hi Sean,
Donation sent to get things started!
Thanks again for all you do to keep this site working so well!
Frank Langer
1984 E30+
Nanaimo, BC

Roger Janeway

Member II
Sean, thank you for your continued commitment to this website. As someone who has only the vaguest idea what vBulletin or Xenforo is, I appreciate your attention to these details so that we can keep reading about what matters, like topping lifts, single-handed tacking, and the accomplishments of good hulls built half a century ago.


Member III
Buzzer technique is everything in this game. As long as I beat Metzger...'cause a '32-3 can point higher and tack tighter than a grill cover attached to a '34. But seriously, This site and all who sail in her are critical to my technical and emotional well-being. Thanks so much for making it so.


Member III
Sean, Just sent in a donation via Paypal. Of all the sites I follow this has been the best overall for information and inspiration. That second quality "inspiration" is an important one. There have been times when I was faced with a problem on the boat that I felt was out of my reach as far as abilities go and I'm a pretty handy guy, according to my "1st mate". But I always seem to find, here on the EYO site, the answer or the inspiration to figure out the best solutions.


Member I
Done and Thank You. I'm definitely in the group whose 'decision to purchase an Ericson hull over another make was influenced by the information and community found on this site'.

Fielt Todd

New Member
Haven't contributed anything to the site until now. Everyone here has been a bigger help than I think they realize. So far every issue I've run into has been gone through extensively. Thank you all for being here!

Back to tearing into winches that were apparently lubed with bagged cement.