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I removed and took apart the generator after battery would not stay charged. It is well built and servicable looking. It is a 12 volt 55 amp generator. The brushes look good. There is a electronic module that I suspect because there is 0 volts on the output with the engine running.

question: do i rebuild or can I upgrade with a alternator?

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Ray Rhode

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Sounds like the diodes are blown. A good generator shop should be able to replace these for a lot less than the cost of a new generator.

The question of upgrading depends on your boat use. The stock generator will not produce 55 amps, that is most likely a peak rating. If you tried to get 55 amps out of it for any length of time it would probably melt the windings. If you spend any serious time away from the dock and a charger, an upgrade may be a smart, but expensive, move. A new Balmar alternator and smart regulator are next on Journey's upgrade list.

Bill Robbins

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Dido on what Ray said.
I always have to ask myself the question, " I am upgrading because I want to...???? "
If you were happy with your generator prior to its "current" problem and it is is an easy fix, then stay with the generator. If you are thinking about extended cruising and think you need a different charging system then think about upgrading.
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I took my generator to A&B Auto Electric to have it repaired.

The man at the desk had me wait while he tested the generator.

3 minutes later he returned smiling and said it was putting out

35 amps, So whats the problem?

Relieved--I asked," does the ground get hooked to this terminal

marked 'L'"? "No", said the man at the top of the pecking order;

that's for the idiot light which gives a 'tickle' (doesn't have to be

alot--just a little) of current.

The 'L' stands for light.

When I removed the generator, the 'L' terminal was hooked to

ground through a transmission mounting bolt.

By the way, the other terminal is marked 'B' for battery.

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