Great little Ericson 25+

Sonny Parker

Junior Member
I have a great 1982 25+ for sale in Texas for $4100. It is the Yanmar 1GM model. In the last year these things have been fitted new.
running rigging (all)
Lazy Jacks
Head sale
Water pump
Ignition switch
Battery Bank
1 black water hose
It needs a new prop and bottom job, and usual Ericson window leak fixed. If interested call or text me at 859-661-3396 3FB46930-5592-446C-96B7-C8817FC2FC0A.jpeg738247B1-A2AF-41E9-96AA-C76BCCD3484F.jpegEF084E6B-9E4E-4DB9-98A8-718E239FFCB3.jpeg8EA30745-E544-44BD-B9E8-CDC3CE0B098D.jpegE4B8C099-455D-47EF-A915-30D4E8BD062A.jpeg279E04C6-C03E-45A7-ABA4-C630B2BE9168.jpeg