Happy Thanksgiving!


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It may sound trivial and maybe even a bit ridiculous to people who have never owned an old boat, but benefit of having a community as supportive and helpful as the one we have here can not be overstated. This place makes sailing even more enjoyable and a little less lonely in those late nights when you find yourself upside down in the bowls of your boat trying to finish that one last little thing. Thanks to the moderators, Sean, and everyone who contributes. This really is a unique little corner of the interwebs. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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Since we’re talking about being thankful and this is in the Lifestyle & Living forum…..before today, Thanksgiving Day, I had planned on roasting up a big bird, having family over and sharing thoughts of what we were all thankful for this year but COVID had other plans for my wife and I. Yes, we picked up the infection someplace in Annapolis I’m sure (see the last YouTube video on my mast removal) and a few days later both of us showed symptoms and tested positive. As very ”seasoned citizens” we had a serious concern about getting “The Vid” because, well, you’d have to have been living under a rock for the past few years not to know why but needless to say we were keen on seeing our next birthdays. I’ve gotten more vaccines and boosters then my cat so I was hopeful things would turn out well. When this personal ”COVID Storm” hit me, and my first mate, we pulled our sails in and made a run for a safe anchorage, our bed. Before not too long I developed a headache and couldn’t navigate to well around the house and my engine temperature rose to a high of 100.7 with lots of flooding below deck…I won’t get into that one, just use your imagination.

Now, on this happy T-day, what my first mate and I are thankful for is that we weathered the storm without too much more then what you could expect from a bad cold or the flu and a visit to our local ER was not even considered. So, yes, it’s good to be alive and on the mend but back to this EYO web site. Most of you may not know that I’m in my 70th year of life and that really isn’t important as far this web site is concern. But because I’m 71 and have had a wonderful life, career and family one tends to look back to see what really was important and it turns out to sometimes be the little, what you thought were insignificant things at the time. One of them was signing up on the EYO web site. Yes, I know it’s just a web site but it’s more then that, much more. It’s a connection to people who share the passion I have and want to spread the knowledge and good times about it to others. I wish I could meet everyone of you and even sail with you all but that’s impossible. So the next best thing is this exchange of ideas and opinions that we all call EYO. I’m thankful for that small thing in my life which has meant so much to me over the years. Happy Thanksgiving!