Rob Howie

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I was honored to have my beloved Ericson 31' sloop (hull #49, 1979) featured on HarborMoor and to share why I love the Bruce King design (you can read the interview here). This site, HarborMoor, seems to be creating a photo book of boats and they have a growing group of beautiful Ericsons so far from what I can tell - shown here. Seems like a great free resource for boat owners to share pictures of what they've done with their particular hull (inside and out). Let me know what you think.

Roger Janeway

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As it happens, the latest issue of Good Old Boat (#141, Nov/Dec 2021) features an essay by David Roper, also of Marblehead, about his 1979 Independence 31, Elsa Marie. The essay focuses on the boat's comfortably familiar interior. I found it odd that he didn't call his boat an Ericson, though he did note that she was designed by Bruce King.


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Great share, was excited to see there were actually a few other ericson's on the site, with great photos too. There is one below of a beautiful custom table, which I want to figure out how I can get custom built for mine. Great share! Love seeing the inside of vessels.

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