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Harken MkIV vs MkIV Ocean


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I'm planning on replacing the janky old ProFurl jib furler at the next haulout. I see that alot of people really like their Harken furlers, but I have two options to choose from: the standard MkIV or the MkIV Ocean. I have watched the Harken videos explaining the models and I understand the differences. It appears the Ocean model would suit my needs and is considerably less expensive than its counterpart. However; I am wondering if anyone has real-world experience with the Ocean model vs the standard MkIV. I doubt Harken makes any sub-par products but I want to avoid any disappointment if possible.

Thank you.



Christian Williams

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The double extrusion enables racing crews to change headsails without being bareheaded at any time. It requires skilled choreography.

I can't see that function necessary for cruising boats.

Kenneth K

1985 32-3, Puget Sound
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Fisheries Supply has both versions on display in their rigging dept. In addition to the single sail track, I believe the Ocean extrusion is round vs "airfoil" shaped like the racing model, so maybe a bit more windage. Also some of the swiveling parts (halyard hoist, for example) have fewer roller bearing tracks than the pricier model. I don't know if this would affect performance and/or longevity, but there are some differences.

Both riggers I spoke with assumed I would buy the Ocean model for my boat and usage, but I decided to rebuild my Harken Mk I instead.

Added...I just watched the video--it already covered the things I mentioned. Oh, yeah, they claim the round foil results in easier furling than the oblong airfoil shape.
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Living in Canada, I've used Binnacle several times, always with good prices and great service.
My response could have been a bit more clear, I haven't used the Sailing Services folks in Florida, but I have used the Binnacle a handful of times. They tend to have very competitive pricing and I've been happy with everything I've bought from them.

For the MKIV, I recall I bought the furling unit from them, but I needed to get the toggle or some other needed install accessory from Defender or WM as they didn't have the part I needed. I'm ok with that.