Headliner - E39B

Lew Decker

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After looking at all the blurbs here concerning headliner replacement, I have decided to go back to the original Naugahyde. That seems to be the fastest and least invasive solution. I will do it in sections, though, so that when leaks occur I don't have to pull the whole bloomin' overhead down. I have to do the entire boat, so by the time I get to the last section I will be the resident expert on foul language. I can post pictures of the overhead if you are interested.-----Lew in San Diego
P.S. The wind blew hard today and now there is another film of ash from the fires everywhere. I could be upset, but I didn't lose my house. Take care...

Sean Engle

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Lew -

Yes, please do post some images - and the source for your replacement material...as others have been emailing me on how to do it - where to get it, etc...