Help!! E34-2 Holding Tank Position.


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Last fall I removed my holding tank so that I could replace a rusted out water heater and change out my sanitation hoses. Yesterday I finished installing the water heater and today I endeavored to reinstall the holding tank only to discover that my memory of the tank and hose positions has completely failed me over the winter. The tank came out fairly easily but doesn't seem to want to go back in.
Does anyone have a pic of the lazarette with the tank in place? I have searched the site as well as the net and came up dry.\


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Here is my E34 holding tank, halfway through installation. This is a RONCO B-187, which is the tank meant for the E34. You can even see E34 on the tank label. It is a tight fit and awkward to get in place. You’ll need to get the inboard face of the tank against the inner bulkhead before it will slide down into place.

This is not the tank that was originally on the boat. The previous tank was not a B-187. I purchased a replacement B-187 with all the inlets and outlets on the top, and with an inspection port.


I asked about E34 holding tanks a while ago and @Tom Metzger sent me a photo of his B-187 holding tank.



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Thanks much!! It's all coming back to me now. Had the tank in the proper position just before I hit the wall today. Spent the last two days in the lazarette wrestling with the hot water tank. Will be back at it on Friday.
Really like the idea of all fittings on top of the tank.

Tom Metzger

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FWIW, I was able to replace the water heater without removing the holding tank. It was the same tank, but, of course, the mounting holes were moved


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I thought about that but the new water heater is configured a bit differently than the old one. All of the heat exchanger and water hoses connect to the front of the heater vs the old heater where the heat exchanger hoses were on the back and the water hoses connected on the front. Since I'm replacing the head hoses I decided to remove the waste tank and give myself some working room.
The new heater is a Kuuma from West Marine. Fired it up after installing and it puts out scalding hot water!


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Can you can adjust the water temp on the Kuuma HW heater? I had to check the wiring on my original Raritan and found the thermostat adjustment under the wiring cover. I've turned it down twice now (from scalding hot) so that the output doesn't require using so much cold water. Still plenty hot!