Help find WS-1 Mast Unit


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Hello All,

I own a Standard Horizon WS-1 Apparent wind Gauge and I know they have not been manafactured in QUITE some time but I need a replacement for the mast unit. Mine has gone bad and I just wanted to see if anyone might have some suggestions beyond having to replace it. Can you get one made to match the specs of the WS-1? Does anyone make a aftermarket part that might work?

Any suggestions please would help.


Howard Keiper

This must be your lucky day. I had to replace my WS45 instrument and ended up buying the entire package from e-bay. I have at least one masthead unit which I would be happy to give to you...assuming that the masthead units are the same...I believe they are. I'll get a pic posted sometime today and you can make the call.
Howard Keiper
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They do show up on EBay and Craigslist. I picked up a complete unit, masthead, display, and cabling still in the original box and packing for $180.00 last year. Keep looking...not much of a market so they can be picked up fairly cheap.


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Thank You


Thank You. I would be very interested in the unit and yes they do match.

I would be willing to pay the shipping and any other costs you incure.

This is ausome. I can be reached via Email at

You really made my week!!!