Here is a what looks like (from photos only) a beautiful E-38 for sale in Texas:


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It's a solid "meh" in person. Went to look at it with a friend who was in the market. All the port lights have been sealed shut along with other odd DIwhY things. I found myself scratching my head a lot as I looked at it. Could probably knock them down even more on price.

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Ah, but it has both forward and aft suites. And two cupholders at the helm.

Actually looks like it was set up for extended cruising at one point, with windlass, autopilots, vane and so on.

Also, extensive modifications to the galley and head, a nonstandard sole, all of them expensive to do but departing from Ericson standard, which means personal taste comes into play. Big time.


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Actually, if all the add-ons are functional, that's a pretty good price. Most buyers underestimate the huge amount of time and $ needed to retrofit a boat with all those features.

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Looks like it's had significant re-coring of the deck aft of the dorades and both sides of the mast.

Beautiful floor though. I like the wood plank compared to the standard teak & holly ply. And who doesn't need a granite backsplash over the engine compartment....


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... All the port lights have been sealed shut along with other odd DIwhY things....

I'm not surprised. Some experienced bluewater sailors don't allow any portlights or hatches to be opened, ever. This was the case on my ocean crossings. Even in the Trades. Also, there was always a tall insert in the companionway that needed to be stepped over. Skipper had sailed his C&C34 around the world, solo (including Cape Horn the wrong way) so he knew what he was doing.

The blurb in the ad says that the owner took this E38 on a round trip from Texas to the Galapagos. My hat is off to him.
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