"Hot Yachts, Cold Water"


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For those willing to dip their toes into Sailing Anarchy.... someone has just posted a link to a copy of "Hot Yachts, Cold Water", Warren Miller's classic docu-comedy from the heyday of early-80s sailboat racing (from Lasers to big-boats)

Jump to about 8:30 for the beginning of a segment that features a bunch of Ericsons racing in SoCal. (apparently there used to be an all-Ericson regatta every year in King Harbor... who knew?)

ETA: plus a nice segment on Bruce King's IOR game-changing "Hawkeye"...


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Hilarious narration. Reminds me of On Any Sunday, a similar style documentary on motorcycle racing.

Thanks for the link. I'm off to find my knee length socks and short shorts.
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Frank Langer

1984 Ericson 30+, Nanaimo, BC
Yup, this is definitely fun to watch! Some very good sailors, narrated by a knowledgeable and fun-loving sailing expert. Especially good on a cold winter night, for someone whose boat is laid up for winter, just to keep in touch with saililng. I think I'll go sailing again in a few days before I miss it too much! :)


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Thanks for that. Finally figured out how to throw YouTube onto the big screen in the living room :egrin:
But the back half of that film made me sad that I sold the Hobie 16... Maybe I’ll pick up a used windsurfer for xxxmas. Kid are throwing away anything that doesn’t foil...

David Grimm

Typical 26 degree weekend morning here in NY. I woke up at 5am flipped through the usual news apps on my phone and the Eyo. Having watched Warren Miller ski videos over and over as a kid I leaped out of bed and flew down to the family TV like a kid on Christmas. Coffee cookies and cast my phone to the set. In minutes I was in sunny California. Thank you for the post!