How much was a new Ericson 35 in 1972 dollars


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I found out how much my E25 was in 1978, but now I’m wondering how much my 1972 Ericson 35 was new in 1972.

Even better would be a chart of prices for each mode over the years, but if anyone knows what the E35 went for in 72 or the 70s that would be great!


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Frank Langer

1984 Ericson 30+, Nanaimo, BC
I have the original bill of sale for our 1984 E30+, and from memory it was about $49,000 US with lots of options added into this cost. My survey in 2016 gave the replacement cost if new as $142,000, per surveyors opinion.


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This thread kind of crosses with the "Modern day equivalent..." thread under Design & Function. If my 89 32-200 cost $100k new back then, the equivalent cost today would be just under $211k. Not sure that's what it did cost back then, but I hazily recall reading somewhere that was the ballpark range the way it came setup.

Loren Beach

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When we bought our boat used, the broker said he knew it sold, well optioned out, new for about 90K in 1988.
Ericson's and Olson's were relatively expensive, when new.

Geoff W.

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The pink slip on my boat says something like $72k in 1987, which is apparently about $170k today. Seems pretty good!

Loren Beach

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Our E31 sold for 56K in 1977.
For comparison and general amazement/amusement.... we built our new home (1700 sf, daylight basement style) in 1975 for less than 36K including payment for a city lot, in Portland. And that was a lot of $ for us....