How to get off MAURIPRO Sailing newsletter mailing list?


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I keep getting advertising from MAURI Pro sailing, but there is no link provided with their ads to request to be UNsubscribed.
I've used their 'Contact Us' link at least 3 times to request removal - no luck.
Does anyone else have this issue with this company? (or others they want to shake off?)

Sean Engle

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That's odd - there is supposed to be (at a minimum) at the very bottom of any communication a method of releasing you from the mail list.

One way I've dealt with recalcitrant business spammers like this is to mark them out as junk - so they're filtered out and you don't see the traffic. That can be done easily with online services like Gmail or, with apps like Outlook as well.

You can also blacklist them at your ISP level - but that take a bit of doing and methods vary ISP to ISP.



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The very worst one that I can't seem to screen out, and which ignores all requests to unsubscribe is an outfit that claims to offer "compliance training" to keep you from running afoul of government regulations. :rolleyes: Somehow, I doubt the value of their services... They blast out about five spams a day with no unsubscribe link. I've even telephoned their customer service office, to no effect.

Then there is a certain Canadian scientific publisher that once sent out a weekly "Science News" bulletin. Then they decided to repackage their content into dozens of extremely specialized niche newsletters, with content skimmed from the internet, daily. And started sending ALL of them to me. Although my spam filter recognized most of them, on the back end, they were filling up my allocated mailbox space on the server by noon each day, and my real business mails started bouncing. I had a pretty frustrating week or two, getting that flood dried up.


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Go to Best Buy and join the Geek Squad. From switching from old to new computers to your type problems...they do justice for you. Not expensive. It's a one year subscription and they have terrific folks via 1800...never been disappointed. Just a thought.