I may seriously consider this hot water heater sale...dimensions are right, price is right:

Loren Beach

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While I have had good luck with other Scandvik products over the years, this ad appears to be missing a key ingredient. I do not see what the all-important inner water tank is made from. They specify that the connections are SS, but the tank construction is arguably more important.

We installed an Atlantic (now out of production) tank, with both the shell and inner water tank being SS. That was in the 90's, and still no leaks or problems. Some more info will be helpful. Or, I read the ad twice and missed this.

Dave G.

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I looked at these too, Scandvik sight says inner tank is carbon steel with a coating ? File attached..


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I am also in the market for a new hot water heater. Does anyone have any experience with Kuuma water heaters that are sold by Westmarine ?