I'm thinkin' about varnishing the interior


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Her interior is the original oiled mahogany and teak. Any advise? Brand of varnish? I'm wondering about Smith's CPES and any residual oil issues although I can call Smith & Co. for that.

1987 hull #283 35-3

Thanks in advance
Del Warne

Loren Beach

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Looking for the unVarnished Truth

This shiny topic comes up here on a regular basis. Some owners like the oiled finish, some like gloss varnish, and some like a "toned down" varnish finish.
No right or wrong answers.
If you do some searches on varnishing you will find good threads and often those will have links to other owner DIY sites too.

(And, there are more threads than that -- quite a few...)
Personally, I'm partial to the semi-gloss varnish look and my wife loves the gloss varnish finish. So, of course our on-going interior refinishing is being done in gloss. :rolleyes:

Actually, all kidding aside, I like any varnish better than the old faded factory oil-over-cherry-stain look that Ericson used to blend in the different pieces of teak timber and veneer.

So, we have been doing it piecemeal, by cleaning with Te-ka A & B, light sanding, and laying on multiple coats of Captain's brand varnish.

Let us know how your project goes.

Frank Langer

1984 Ericson 30+, Nanaimo, BC
On our 1984E30+ I tried gloss on the moulding and semi-gloss on the main teak panels, thinking that the mouldings would add an accent, but it didn't look good. I then tried semi-gloss and satin varnish, and have ended up with satin in all the panelling/moulding, etc., but semi-gloss on the salon table and the companionway stairs. Everything else is satin and it looks very soft and warm, especially by candle light.

Good luck!



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Satin and Gloss

I used gloss around the main hatch due it's better UV handling properties. Satin on everything else down below. Like Loren I'm slowly working my way thru it. Cleaning and sanding it all is a pain. Wonder what would happen if I just varnished over the oiled teak?