Inboard Jib Tracks on the E27


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Given the outboat chainplates and the toe rail genoa track on the E27, it seems logical to install an additional jib track inboard, especially for better sheeting with say a working jib or a 110. I'm guessing someone has done this and I'd like to get your thoughts and comments.

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I added inboard tracks and routinely use 80% and 95% head sails. I "through bolted" the tracks. So I had to drill through the interior headliner with a 1" hole saw to accommodate 1" fender washers and white plastic plugs to make it look nice again. When using the 95% jib, the sheets run outside of the front lower shrouds. The 80% sheets run on the inside of all of the shrouds.
Hey, on another matter - don't you think that forward hatch was contracted out to a high school wood shop? It's the ugliest thing on the entire boat. I'm planning on remaking mine.


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Those hatches...

BTW: West Marine has Lewmar hatches on sale this week for 30% off. Looks like the ones that fit our boats are on sale for the "medium" and "low profile" lines but not for the "ocean hatch" line. Trying to figure out the difference. May be enough of a discount to make me pull the trigger.
When I first saw that hatch, I seriously thought it was some crude thing the inept previous owner had done :rolleyes: But... old and ugly as it is, it doesn't leak. But... there's just one wing nut on an open (half broken) fork holding the whole thing closed under a boarding wave...

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Tracks and Hatches

It looks like all flavors of Lewmar hatch are on sale for 30% off, for a little while.

Over the years, I have replaced both of ours, when the price was right. A size 70 and a 20.

Ours are both spigot type. You do need to measure the inside ("cutout" size) very carefully.

Making openings larger is a little easier than shrinking them. :)
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Well that is very odd. An hour ago, it was only "select models" seen when you click the drop down menu. Maybe it will be different again after dinner?
edit: I see other sellers are now putting sale prices on these. Maybe time to sit back and reassess in a couple of days.

BTW: I also note that the cut-out size chart on the WM site contains errors. The correct info can be found on the Lewmar site. I think the forward hatch on the E27/E29 should be a size 50 or 54? Will measure carefully tomorrow.
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