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paul k

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I am considering purchasing an E34-2 to replace my Pearson 10M. I would appreciate it if anyone would be interested in talking to me about the boat. I sail mainly in Buzzards Bay and the Islands, but elsewhere in the NE as well.
Tx Paul


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It is closer to a 35' sailboat, similar hull to the 35-3. Head is aft along with a separate aft quarters For me, I like the aft head while under sail. Like most Ericsons, it has very good sailing characteristics and I sail singlehand quite a bit. The 34-2 has a lower PHRF rating for her size. I am preparing and outfitting mine for short offshore and coastal sailing trips on the east coast and based on similar Ericson's history, I feel that it is more than capable of handling this. It is just a really nice sailboat, well built, good interior, nice deck layout and solid construction.
What information are you seeking?


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We just finished up season five on our 87 34-2 and totally love the boat. More that happy to talk to you . Will PM my phone number.

Bobby Steele

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We bought our 1989 E34 last year, and love it. We’ve been doing basic maintenance updates, while mooring summer in Nyack NY and wintering in the water at Haverstraw. We live on it part time - and it’s definitely a comfortable boat.

paul k

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hi Patrick and John - tx for help here and I will get in touch with John. i noticed no deck dorades - how is boat vented while under way or on mooring ? Also, is the deck tabbed to the bulkheads ? seems to be important for offshore. also, noticed no bow chocks - rodes etc go right to the bow cleats located right in the toe rail. The rodes etc must not be in contact with the deck etc.. Yes ? Otherwise a lot of friction. The cleats and their attachment must be really strong. Yes ?
Tx again.


Loren Beach

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Paul, about the cleat install, I believe that our boat has the usual EY cleat mounting scheme. All of the cleats on our boat, fore and aft, had aluminum backing plates. When I upsized them all, I installed even larger pieces of G10. An E-34-2 has larger stock mooring cleats, than an Olson, I do believe.
Tabbing? Yes, all of our bulkheads are tabbed to the hull and deck. EY invested a lot more material and labor in their basic construction. IIRC, the E-34 has an anchor roller like the 38. I added a longer one to ours, replacing a short one inherited from the first owner.
Link to our cleat upgrade:

paul k

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Tx for info on your cleat replacement - also good to see that original cleats properly installed.