ISO Easylock Midi Rope Clutch Handle (Old style).


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Broke a handle on my Easylock Midi double clutch. These are the old style handles and are no longer available from Rig Rite. If anyone here has an old style clutch or handle that they would be willing to part with please pm me with the price.


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Loren Beach

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That was one of the reasons I replaced all of our '88 model clutches, last year. A friend of mine also had a handle break off on one of his clutches, a couple years ago (E-38-200). Good gear for its day, but UV has weakened the handles.


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Thanks. Think I'll put the broken Easylock on Ebay and spring for a new Lewmar.


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Thanks. Think I'll put the broken Easylock on Ebay and spring for a new Lewmar.
JSM or Others - I own a E38-200 and in same 'broken' boat as you were.

Wondering if you or any other readers may have an old Easylock Midi for sale, of the old style. I too need one handle and I'm trying to do this the easy way. Note- I have seen them on Ebay over the last yr or so, but they are sold by the time I become aware of them (ie completed auctions.).
Or any other consignment site or forum that might be good to check.

Thanks in advance for your attention.

Oreon Scott
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Oreon, your timing is excellent. Just cleaned off my workbench and moved the easylock to the kitchen counter where it has been annoying my wife for the past two weeks as I further contemplated putting it on Ebay.
PM sent.