Just pulled my '73 E27 gas tank


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FYI to E27 Owners:

Today I just pulled the gas tank out of my '73 E27. It was much easier than I expected. Of course, I'm the "worrier" type that always thinks of the things that could go wrong.

a) Cut the fiberglass cloth that holds the bottom of the tank short sides to the 2 wooden tank supports.
b) Unbolt the upper wood support on the stbd side of the tank.
c) Saw between the tank bottom and the top of the supports to remove any epoxy from the fiberglass cloth.
d) Cut the wooden support on the filler end of the tank near the support bottom.
e) Remove hoses from tank and the outlet fitting. Might also have to uncouple wet exhaust line from riser (I did).
f) The tank can now be pulled out of the lazarette hatch (longwise, no rotating required).

I had already done (a)->(c) last week. The remaining took under an hour.

Mine is the original 15 gal tank with dimensions of 10 X 16 X 24 inches,

Now it's off to the "tank maker" next week and then I won't have to worry about the engine stopping on my summer cruising.


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Replacing Gas Tank

Hello Ralph,
Thank you for sharing this procedure. Our 1974 E27 is in dire need of a new gas tank as well.

Can you give us a heads-up as to who you are referring to as the "tank maker"?

Thank so much,

Jack Price
Milford, DE


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My new aluminum tank was made by:

Berry Sheet Metal. 764 Newton Way Costa Mesa, CA 92627 Tel: (949) 548-3613

They were the original vendor to Ericson for new tanks.

However, I wasn't entirely satisfied with the whole process. I removed my old tank and took it to them and said I wanted an exact replacement (except in aluminum). Before making the new tank they LOST the old one. And, of course, they didn't have the original drawing in their files for an E27 tank. %^&**

So .... I made up a drawing as best I could from where the inlet fitting was and the old supports. It's been a while, but I might have taken some approximate dimensions off the old tank before I gave it to them.

When I got the new tank back it was slightly off by an inch or so (to my drawing) in the widest dimension and it wouldn't fit the old support position. $%^&* again.

Anyway I got the thing installed and that helped a bunch with my problems. However, until I later replaced the coil and the fairly new electric fuel pump I wasn't completely "problem free".

FYI, if you order a tank from them it will be made from my drawing (which went into their files) and won't be an exact match to the old one.

A couple of pics attached showing the new tank and also how it didn't match the old plywood support on the starboard side.



Good luck,